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Educational Visits

Our fundamental aim at St Mary and St John Catholic Primary School is to provide the best possible education for all our pupils. It is the aim of the school to place a high value on diversity, treating every member of the school community as an individual, and meeting the needs of all, taking account of gender, ethnicity, culture, religion, language, sexual orientation, age, ability, disability and social circumstances. In doing this, we aim, therefore, to raise the achievement of all the children in the school.


Educational Visits and Outdoor and Adventurous Activities are an integral part of the children’s education at St Mary and St John Catholic Primary School. They offer opportunities to enrich the curriculum, enabling the children to have first-hand experience of a wide range of topics and activities. These opportunities allow children to access a broad and balanced curriculum that promotes their spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development, and prepares them for the opportunities and experiences of adult life.  On residential visits especially, there is opportunity to develop social skills which have a long-lasting beneficial effect.