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Spanish at SS. Mary and John

Hola chicos y chicas

So, we have so far learnt numbers up to 20 and today we are moving on.  Have a look at this PowerPoint and read the numbers out loud.  Practice them a few times.  If you can, ask someone at home to test you and let me know by posting onto our new Spanish Purple Mash blog, how many you got right.  There is also a worksheet here.  I have done the first exercise to show you how to fill it in.  I would like you to please complete this in your Home Learning books.  Keep checking each Tuesday, where I will upload your next task!




Hasta pronto

Señora Dormi

Year 3- Spanish- Warm Up

Year 3- Spanish- How old are you?

Super Simple Spanish Lesson for Kids - Song: How old are you?

Year 4 and 5- LA FAMILIA WARM UP AND QUIZ- Week 2

Year 4 and 5- Spanish- TIENES ALGUNA MASCOTA- Week 2

Year 4 and 5 Spanish- Week 2

Week 1 Spanish- Numbers- 1-31

Home Learning- Week 1- Numbers up to 31

¿Cuántos años tienes?

Rhythmic chant to go along with this lesson:

Learning at Home- Spanish

Below are a list of websites that children can use to practice their Spanish speaking, listening, reading and writing: