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Prayer and Worship



In school we pray in lots of different ways:

  • There are regular prayer services in classrooms, led by both staff and pupils.
  • All classrooms have prayer areas that include liturgical images, artefacts and prayers.
  • Children's own prayers are offered at Mass.
  • Time and opportunities are given for personal prayer time (especially during Advent and Lent).
  • All assemblies and gatherings in school have a religious and prayer focus for the whole community.

We also work hard to include families in the prayer life of our school. We do this by:

  • Encouraging parents and families to attend Masses, assemblies and collective worship.
  • Sending prayer bags home containing specific liturgical materials for families to share prayer time together.

Chaplaincy Team

At our school, we have a fabulous Chaplaincy Team who contribute to our Catholic Life ethos.  These children applied for their position and were chosen to be role models in our faith.  The team members are: Lilly, Pharrell, Lily, Nicolas, Chipo, Zayne, Z'Niyah, Keelan, Christian, Esosa, Dibora, Angelina, Kessina, Matylda, Tanve, Billen and Keire.  We have many exciting opportunities planned for the year ahead and we will keep you informed about our impact.