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Year 5






Here you can see what exciting learning is taking place in Year 5 throughout the year. 


We will update you with key dates for your diary and share with you important documents and information regarding Year 5. 


If you have any questions or queries, then please do not hesitate to speak to one of the Year 5 staff members. 


Mary 5 is taught by Mrs Doody, Ms Hawkes and Mrs Vernon. 

John 5 is taught by Miss Small and Mrs Jones. 

No Screen Day - Friday 26th February 2021


Thursday 25th February Subtract fractions

English - 25/02/21

Secret Garden Chapter 3 Thursday 25th February

Science - 25/02/21

COLLECTIVE WORSHIP Thursday 25th February

No Screen day - 26/02/21

Whole School Lenten Collective Worship- Wednesday 24th February 2021

MATHS Wednesday24th February Add Mixed number fractions

English - 24/02/21

Secret Garden Chapter 2 Wednesday 24th February

RE Wednesday 24th February Ash Wednesday

23.2.21 Gospel Assembly

MATHS Tuesday 23rd February

English - 23/02/21

English Part 2 - 23/02/21

Secret Garden Chapter 1 Tuesday 23rd February

RE Tuesday 23rd February Forgiveness

Year 4 and 5- Spanish- Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Our Class Saints 


St Clare of Assisi and St Jude Thaddeaus, pray for us.